Exclusive Agreements




Graziani Industries has signed an exclusive agreement with the Italian Company, Comunello for cooperation in import and distribution of motors for windows, and of  connecting corners Aluminum profiles.


A new building has been added to Graziani industries.



The project of the new building annexation to Graziani industries, has been completed. 

The building was remodeled and repainted and has a 6 meters high storage shelves.

The building is within the existing complex of Graziani industrie, it's stretched over a 1000 square meter and built on an area of 2300 square meter.

The west side area around the building is used as employees' parking lot.

The east side is used to load specially long items.


Transportation and providing products



3 company trucks of IVECO 2007 have been replaced by new vehicles of MERCEDES-SPRINTER type 2010. The new trucks are stronger and more comfortable for distribution of products.

Graziani Tools


Graziani Industrial LTD imports and markets a big variety of tools - electric, chargeable and hand tools.


The compay is well known in the market for the proffessional brands it markets, brands that arrive from leading companies around the worlds. Companies such as: AIWO®, STANLEY®, EASY-FIT®, WISS®, BLOSTA®, VOLA®, VISE GRIP®'  IRWIN  and more.


Graziani has only  recently launched with considerable success products of the brand AIWO, giving uncompromising quality for very reasonable prices.

The company is in a constant state of growth in the field of hand tools.


Graziani Industrial LTD  has set as a target to provide an uncompromising service to its clients. The company is constantly improving the professional level of its tools.